Get an NBN connection

Switching to the National Broadband Network is easy.

First, you need to check our interactive map to see if the NBN is available in your area.

If the NBN is available in your area, simply look through the list of phone and internet service providers, and give your preferred provider a call. They'll help make your switch to the NBN an easy one. There's a great range of competitive packages available from a number of service providers - meaning you could enjoy the benefits of the NBN for a price less than you might think.

NBN Co doesn't sell directly to the public, so it's important that you contact your preferred phone or internet service provider.

The NBN is an upgrade to the telecommunications services in your area

If your home or business is to be connected to the NBN by fibre, existing landline phone and ADSL internet over the copper network, and Telstra and Optus cable internet services will be permanently switched off progressively after the NBN becomes available in your area1. This means you'll need to move your existing services to the NBN before final switch off date to keep using landline internet, phone and other services.

1 Services not replaced by the NBN include TransACT, OptiComm, some Telstra Velocity services and others. For a full list please visit or call us on 1800 687 626.

Get your home connected

Two happy children lying on the ground in front of a laptop.

Find out about the NBN for your home.

Find a service provider

Cartoon image of an ISP representative in front of a monitor.

Get connected to the National Broadband Network.

Preparing for the NBN

A technician installs an NBN connection at a home.

Get ready for installation.


NBN fibre guides

Handy guides for your fibre connection.


Network extension

Find out what's involved.



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