Hear from our graduates

What can you expect in your first few weeks in NBN Co’s Graduate Program?

This is an exciting time for you and us. Prepare to be inspired. Our tailored program starts with an on-boarding workshop that provides you with an understanding of the organisation and introduces the key concepts for succeeding in the workplace.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what previous candidates have had to say about the program :

In my orientation, I loved learning about the culture, being fearless, and not being afraid to speak up when you have an idea.


Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering/Bachelor of Commerce

In my first three days, I learnt the scale of nbn, the technologies behind the rollout and the importance of diversity and inclusion.


Bachelor of Information & Communication Technology

In my first few days, I learnt about the future of nbn and how the organisation plans to move forward beyond 2020.


Bachelor of E-Business

In my orientation, I loved meeting all my fellow graduates and seeing how passionate all the employees are about their respective teams.


Bachelor of Business

During our induction I learnt about the big picture – where nbn is headed. I loved going on our site visit and getting involved from Day 1.


Bachelor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Honours)

Over the past few days, I have loved hearing how nbn values its employees and the learning opportunities available to us.


Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Communication Media Studies

You’ll get to meet your mentor and champion. This person will support you every step of the way helping you to become successful in both the program and your career with nbn. They are well placed to pass on invaluable knowledge on organisational culture, structure and processes.

Our Graduate Program Lead will also be on hand to ensure a smooth transition into nbn and provide individual and group support not only in the first few weeks but throughout your program. You‘ll even get to meet our previous graduates – giving you the perfect opportunity to tap into their knowledge as you take your first steps in the Graduate Program at nbn.


We deliver


Bachelor of Commerce (Finance & Marketing)

From a very young age, my parents instilled in me that being in a position to give back to those less fortunate was a gift that I should never take for granted. Everyone has a story to tell, enriched with unique experiences and life lessons that we rarely get to experience ourselves.

Giving back is in nbn’s DNA. As a company devised with the mission of ‘Connecting Australia’ and effectively bridging the digital divide between regional and metropolitan Australia, I knew that this was an organisation that I wanted to work for. By doing so, Australians from all walks of life are able to gain equal access to the same tele-health services, educational tools, and business opportunities as each other. I hope that during my time at nbn, I will be able to make a difference and contribute to unleashing Australia’s digital potential.

At work, we are constantly challenged to ask questions, get involved, and think outside of the box; inspired by stories voiced by end-users and RSPs who acknowledge the fundamental benefits of nbn’s work within the Australian community. During the Graduate Program application process, I expressed the importance of giving back to the community to my personal and career development. nbn and the Graduate Lead took that into consideration, and provided me with the opportunity to join the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team during my upcoming second rotation. During this time, I will have the chance to implement a company-wide CSR program that will provide employees with the chance to give back to the community in more ways than one. I can’t wait to get involved.

We are fearless


Bachelor of Information & Communication Technology

I have always been passionate about challenging myself; wandering into the unknown and tackling a new project. I am constantly seeking new adventures that allow me to push myself to the extreme; sky diving, rock climbing, hiking and diving are a few of my favourite activities.

In a way, this has translated into my professional life, seeking out new tasks and projects that have never been attempted before. Taking on assignments that require a fearless approach - this is why nbn has been the perfect fit for me.

Ever since the nbn™ access network was announced I have held an interest in joining and being part of the rollout. I wanted to use my skills and knowledge to assist in the implementation of one of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects. The quick and decisive actions that are required when working on something of this magnitude can give you a sense of accomplishment and exhilaration – similar to the exhilaration you feel when you leap from a plane with a parachute attached.

My work requires people who are fearless in their approach; people who aren’t afraid to speak up and contribute ideas. This is the type of work environment that I thrive in. It allows me to expand my knowledge and skills in new and exciting ways. My work is completed in collaboration with my team –  we always work collectively, solving problems and looking at ways to improve our systems and processes. The team is actively encouraged to speak their minds, be transparent and open about their opinions. This not only improves the individual, but the team as a whole. 

2015 Graduate


Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Arts

I am currently an Organisational Development Specialist within the People & Culture team. My role gives me the opportunity to work with like-minded, passionate, experienced and inspiring people every day. nbn really is a great place for all; where diversity is valued, inclusion brings opportunities and people are supported to achieve their potential.

Since joining nbn I have been inspired by the people, the learnings and the opportunities. I find myself constantly in awe of the dedication and work ethic in each and every team - particularly in the face of complex and challenging projects. The people here are really supportive; I am encouraged to bring myself – my perspectives, skills and thinking – to work every day. Most importantly I love that I get to offer real solutions to real problems on a day to day basis.

With the support of my mentor and manager I have been able to overcome many challenges and change the way I work and think. When looking back at my time on the Graduate Program, I love that it has given me such a strong foundation for my career. I am grateful for the broad exposure I have gained across the business, and the many friends I have made along the way. 

The key learning I can take from the entire experience is: don’t be afraid to expand your horizons.

We are one team


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Diploma Information Technology Professional Practice

For years I have been competing in Japanese Sword Martial Arts. I was inspired by my coaches who, when they competed, would almost change physically. Each one of them felt and looked as if they grew 10 times larger. It didn’t matter whether their opponents were stronger as individuals; they’d always push through and beat the odds. This has inspired me – I want to emulate my Kendo experiences  in day-to-day life.

Competing as a team is a completely different experience; although there is a lot of pressure to make more strategic moves and ultimately win, I enjoy the powerful emotions of success that come when you win as a team. I also enjoy the fact that even in the roughest of times I can compete fearlessly, knowing my team mates have my back, and I have theirs.

At nbn, I enjoy working with a team that are fearless when the stakes are raised - people that are able to support and rely on each other. There’s nothing better than working as a single unit – as one team. It’s this environment that enables me to grow and achieve my goals.

My current team is working to deliver quality results in a restricted time frame. My job is to map out the processes that will assist them in bringing the nbn™ broadband access network to Australians efficiently and effectively. In order to provide clear processes, I am constantly asking questions and building up my knowledge to better understand the network. This requires me to regularly engage with my team members, and in return I am working hard to absorb and learn everything around me.

2014 Graduate


Telecommunication Engineering & Business Administration

Current Role - Internal Audit Consultant

Since joining nbn I have had the pleasure of working with various managers and business units as part of the NBN Co Graduate Program. I have found each team to be inspirational.

Every 6 months we rotate to a new business unit as part of the Graduate Program and each time it is a steep learning curve with new challenges. Dealing with new systems and new teams also proved to be a challenge; I was able to overcome this by engaging with subject matter experts, and leveraging the experience of senior team members.

When looking back at my time on the Graduate Program I loved the support and mentorship I was given by my managers in each rotation. It is a very inclusive and supportive environment where I was given complete reign on individual projects. I was introduced to different working styles in each rotation, which has helped me develop my own personality and unique style of working.

The biggest thing I learnt while on the Graduate Program is that there is no such thing as a stupid question. In my experience, the more questions you ask the more you learn and the more respect you gain from your team and managers. The reality is they appreciate that you had the courage to ask the question in the first place.


2015 Graduate


Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunications)

Since joining nbn I have been inspired by the way everyone embraces the company’s values. It makes work feel like a family – a home away from home.

I have been challenged consistently throughout my time on the Graduate Program, particularly with how to overcome ambiguity. The key to this problem was to approach ambiguity in a pragmatic way. I learnt to ask the right questions – this in turn helped me to clarify my thoughts and make the right decision with the information available at the time.

When looking back at my time on the Graduate Program I loved the fact that I was always “new”. This gave me the confidence to ask the silly questions and I learnt a lot! The biggest thing I learnt while on the Graduate Program was that challenge leads to growth. Growth is valuable to all parts of life, not just work. Being able to challenge myself at nbn enabled me to grow every day.

Working for nbn for me means family, friends and fun. I made many lifelong friends through my time in the NBN Co Graduate Program, and that’s something that I will never forget.

* The views expressed are the genuine views of graduates undertaking the NBN Co Graduate Program.