Modifying nbn™ broadband access network

This application is for residents, property owners, developers, and local governments

To help cater to your request, and subject to certain feasibilities and assessments, we have a range of options we may be able to offer you. These can include but are not limited to:

nbn™ assets and infrastructure
within your property boundary

  • Relocation of aerial network or lead-ins underground
  • Removal or relocation of nbn™ supplied equipment prior to any demolition or renovation of your premises.

If the equipment has already been removed and you’re ready to re-connect and re-install, please speak to your phone or internet service provider.

nbn™ assets and infrastructure 
on public land

  • Relocation of nbn™ street infrastructure (e.g. nodes, pillars) 
  • Relocation of nbn™ pits and assets in pits owned by nbn or another telecommunications provider
  • Relocation of nbn conduits.

If you are planning future road works, you may need to consider relocating our conduits so that the depth is maintained and the conduits remain accessible. 

This application is a request for Commercial Works, which we will assess and confirm eligibility.

Before you start

In some instances, you may not need to submit a Commercial Works application. You could consider optimising your internet connection by first speaking to your phone and internet provider about your specific needs. You can also contact your provider directly for all issues relating to:

  • Reinstallation of missing equipment (including nbn™ supplied equipment located inside or attached to your premises)
  • Workmanship issues relating to the installation of nbn™ supplied equipment.

Application fees

Each application will incur a Commercial Works fee. You may also incur an Application Fee depending on the size and complexity of your proposed works.

The Application Fee covers the preparation of the cost estimate for the proposed works, which we may need to prepare by consulting with other parties. An nbn™ Case Manager will confirm which fees apply upon assessment of your application.

nbn technician working onsite

Start my application request

All of our Commercial Works are payable by the party requesting the work. This fee must be paid before any work begins.

For more information

Our assets and infrastructure are protected by law. It is an offence to interfere with, tamper with or modify a facility owned or operated by a telecommunications carrier, such as nbn. Any unauthorised interference may result in legal action.

nbn reserves all of its rights in respect to any damage caused to its assets or infrastructure, including all reinstatement and repair costs.

Here are the various types of infrastructure managed by our Commercial Works team.

End User Premises Equipment

Any nbn™ access network equipment within the end user’s property boundary.

Aerial cable

Cable that is run overhead, including either 'nbn™ overhead' such as distribution cable (running up and down the street) or 'service delivery cable' (running from the street to a premises).

Lead-in Conduit

This includes the section of the network that runs from the street pit to the premises.

Pit and pipe

The underground infrastructure used for laying fibre. Conduits are the piping system used for protection and routing of cables and may be metal or plastic.

Fibre network

The optical fibre telecommunications network, owned or controlled by nbn.

Copper network

The copper-based access network, which is used to provide access to standard voice telephony and broadband services.

Keep in mind, nbn is a member of Dial Before You Dig. To avoid accidental damage, please ensure you’re aware of the location of any underground cables in your area by contacting Dial Before You Dig on 1100 or via their website,
If you been advised to complete a Network Protection Plan (NPP) by an nbn Commercial Works case manager, please read the information about how to submit a NPP.
If your enquiry relates to a request to change the technology type at your premises, please submit your request through the Technology Choice Program.